Bossy Flyer brings acrobatic entertainment to uncommon spaces. We play with mixed forms of movement and language to empower audiences and frisk unusual theatrical terrain.

Ezra LeBank

(Pilot) is proud to return to his original role after a year hiatus. He first debuted as the Pilot in Flight's premiere production at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015.

Taylor Casas

(Cactus) is an aerial instructor and performer based in Long Beach, CA. She originated the role of the Cactus. This is her third summer tour with Bossy Flyer!

Cynthia Price

(Little Prince) is an original member of Bossy Flyer. When not on tour, she can be found singing jazz standards or balancing 

people on her feet

sometimes at the same time.

Katie Speer

(Company Manager)

has been with Bossy Flyer since 2015 as the company manager and technical director. She has a B.A. in technical theatre from CSULB.

Ezra LeBank (Writer/Director)

Founder & Director of Bossy Flyer


As the Head of Movement and Associate Professor of Theatre Arts at California State University, Long Beach, he creates acrobatic theatre, teaches, and performs across the world including recently in Sweden, France, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Russia, England, Israel, Canada, Thailand, and across the United States. He is recognized as a specialist in Acrobatics, Biomechanics, Contact Improvisation & Clown. His book CLOWNS is published by Routledge (UK). His work has been called “Ingenious!” by the New York Times, and “Spectacular!” by the LAist.

Creative team 

Written & Directed by Ezra LeBank

Based on The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry



Pilot - Ezra LeBank

Little Prince - Cynthia Price

Cactus - Taylor Casas


Company Manager - Katherine Speer

Associate Director - Olivia Treviño

Composer - Brian Wood
Costumes - Jesika Wendy Wallace

Lighting - Jamieson Price

Props - Brittany Blouch

Voice Coach - Andrea Caban

Special Thanks to:

Joanne Gordon, Bethany Price, Mindy Casas,

AOSA Coffee, Lynn & Dave Speer 


"One can only see clearly with the heart, what is essential is invisible to the eye."

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